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String for making macramé bracelets


Are you wondering what is macrame? Macramé is a form of textile making that uses knotting as opposed to weaving or knitting. The knots in macramé are square and form full hitch and double half hitches. Arab weavers are thought to be the first to macramé. They used extra thread to make knotted decorative threads on handmade fabrics. Sailors were a big part of creating this type of knotting. They used the knots to elaborately decorate their knives, bottles and parts of the ship.


A  macramé bracelet being made


Macramé uses a variety of materials. The main ones are cotton twine, hemp, leather, and yarn. Jewelry is made from macramé. The combination of knots and various beads (made out of glass, wood, or other materials), pendants, or shells can enhance the beauty of the knots to make a wonderful piece of jewelry. Sometimes, the focal point of a necklace can be wire wrapped or secured with an array of knots. While securing the pendant in the macramé, it also can add to the beauty of the piece.


An amber gem ready to be added to a macramé bracelet


Macramé is an old art form that is still in use today. It is mainly used to make jewelry and for decorative purposes much like when macramé was created. Its beauty and ornate look is one that has with stood the test of time. Still wondering what is macrame? Check out our post on The History of Macramé.


Completed amber macramé bracelet

Now if some one asks you “what is macrame” you will have the answer.
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