Dec 272011

The Macrame Project is facilitated by The Eden’s Rose Foundation. The macramé products sold on “Macrame Project” are a product that benefits 100’s of people directly. The macrame also has a rippling effect. The benefits will help the whole community because it provides jobs and puts money directly in the pockets of the people that produce these macramé accessories. This positive result is made possible by applying a humanistic template called “Direct Trade”.

A brief overview of the direct trade template:

We begin by doing a needs and skills assessment for the community in question. This planning includes a combination of focuses to address the most pressing needs within the community. Our program is then set to meet the people where they are. We strengthen their position and work toward elevation generally along the lines of Maslow’s hierarchy. Our focus being self actualization in its purest scene. Taking into consideration the current local skills and trades we commence with the teaching and job skills training programs.  Whenever possible, we blend  cultural or local skills that may not have a platform in the changing community. We recognize that micro finance alone does not have the capacity to create opportunity for an unskilled, uneducated, and immobilized demographic. Continue reading »