Jan 052012

Macramé Built to Last

The macramé products are mostly made of a polyester coated Brazilian linen used for tying and seating or bonding the knots. These multi colored strings are very strong and won’t fray. They never dissolve like hemp. They don’t have dyes that run or fade like cotton. They are built to last. The strings are just the right make up to feel comfortable on your wrist and still stand the test of time, sun, and water.

We have been incorporating different local seeds into some of the new designs. Seeds such as Tagua (sustainable alternative to ivory) and other local seeds traditional for crafting have given way to simi precious gemstones from the area and beyond. We now include over 50 types of stones into our work including a range of agates, jaspers, opals, feildspars, turquoise, onyx and even a very special and rare Colombian amber. Continue reading »