Jan 262012

macrame plant hanger
Macrame plant hangers are something I didn’t know anything about until recently. They are a beautiful way to hang planted flowers in your house. What else is there to know about macrame plant hangers? Is it something that we at the Macrame Project should be interested in making? After doing some research, I found out some more information about them.

Macrame plant hangers were very popular during the 60’s and 70’s. Because of their retro, boho chic style, and the fact that provide availability of natural decor to even the tightest spaces, they have been making a tremendous comeback.

These plant hangers are created by knotting rope into interesting patterns that can range from pretty simple to rather complex. Sometimes these knots are adorned with various beads or wooden rings to add a little textural variety to the look. Often they provide multiple tiers for plants to hang from.
Besides adding visual beauty to any room, macramé plant hangers can provide health benefits and therefore a better quality of life as well. Indoor plants remove up to 95 percent of carbon monoxide from the air, thereby making it much better to breathe.

As far as the Macrame Project goes, we are open to new ideas for things we can make with macrame. Plant hangers made out of macrame is not out of the question. We are already looking into making other products and a macrame plant hanger is a definite possibility.

These plant hangers add artistic beauty and a better quality of life to their owners. It can be said that a comparison can be made with the Macramé Project which works to add to the beautiful art that is life. It also, teaches communities skills that help them change their position within the community and thereby to have a better quality of life.
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