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Macrame is made by knotting thread continuously to form a pattern. The real base of macrame is the types of knots that are put together. Some of these knots are noticeable. Others are complicated and foreign to most people. Let’s talk about a few of these knots.
Let’s start with the Half Knot. It is an easy knot, so it’s great for the beginner. When you make one half knot after another the knot twists to form a nice looking rope like pattern.

The Half hitch is rarely used alone. It is the beginning of another knot known as the double half hitch knot.
half hitch

The Double Half Hitch used in all kinds of macrame projects. Watch bands and bracelets commonly use the double half hitch knot. It is made by doing two half hitch knots right next to each other.
double half hitch

The Josephine knot is a more advanced type of knot. It is a pretty knot that goes well with other knots and is great to finish off necklaces and bracelets.
josephine knot

Mounting knots are used to secure one cord to another. They are done with the loop in the back or done with the loop in the front
mounting knot

One of the easiest knots to learn and one of the most used knots is the Overhand Knot. A simple, but very important knot, the overhand knot is used in macrame jewelry and most other types of macrame.
Overhand Knot

A Square knot is a twisted knot with a few more steps. This is another knot that is used a lot in macrame jewelry.
square knot

There are many other knots used when making macrame. Too many to list in one place. The key is to learn a few knots and go from there. You can start with the basics and work your way to more complicated knots in no time!

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