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If you are a new or a beginner to the craft of macramé knots, here are some basic tips to help you avoid mistakes on your first project. Knotting is the key to macramé. Before you get going there are some tips that will save you time.

1. Hemp cord is easy to work with and easy to undo knots. Learn the basic knots with it.
2. Once you have the basic macramé knots down, use nylon cording for your initial jewelry projects, rather than silk. It’s much easier to remove knotting mistakes.
3. Singeing the ends only works with nylon cording.
4. Make a simple project board to use as your work area. It’s easy to make, it can go anywhere and makes your project very portable. It should be thick enough that pins won’t go through. It could be a padded clipboard, cork board, or even a piece of polyurethane foam.
5. Always double check that the cord you plan to use fits through the bead holes before you start.
6. To keep the ends from fraying, tie a knot at the end of the cord.
7. You can use clear nail polish on the ends of the cords to keep them from fraying as well, and this also stiffens the ends, making it easier to string those tiny seed beads. (You can also use a “no fray” liquid found in fabric stores to do the same job.)
8. Save leftover bits of cording to practice new knots with.
9. The key to a polished look for your piece is uniform knotting. Practice makes perfect!
10. If you don’t have any t pins on hand, use corsage pins to secure your work. If using leather cording, make an x with two pins to secure the cord in place so as not to puncture the cord. Place the pins on either side of the cord crossing in a diagonal manner, like an X to secure the cord in place.

Now that you have these tips you are ready to start a macramé project! Keep in mind that macramé is hard but it can be a fun and rewarding activity. Good luck with your first macrame knots!

  3 Responses to “Macrame Knots – 10 Tips For Beginners”

  1. Thanks for this terrific list of suggestions for how to prepare everything for your macrame project!

    • Thank you loulou! And we love your post on the macrame cat toy we have actually included a link to it in our 1st paragraph of this post.

  2. Great tips! I am an original macrame lover; I started my first myacrame project back in the 70’s. The largest project I did was a hanging table. The table top was 3 feet wide, round bevelled glass. I worked on the macrame part for months. It was a labor of love! When it was all done, it was too heavy to hang in my apartment. Figures! haha! I ended up ripping it all back down to make plant hangers. I really loved to work on macrame jewelry the most, though. I’m so happy to see it making a comeback! The bracelets are wearable art – the best kind!

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