Jan 242012

macrame sale

n. 1. the art of tying knots in patterns.
2. a coarse lace, made by weaving and knotting cords; macramé lace. a delicate decorative fabric woven in an open web of symmetrical patterns.

The Macramé Project wants to be the definition of the word and all of its meanings. On the surface we are producing macramé. This macramé is beautiful and while it is an accessory for us, it means much more to the person who produces it.

The idea of the project is the string. The string is used to teach a skill that can help sustain a better way of living. Through engaging the community with free education and skills programs, we help create an environment where change of one’s position within a community and elevation of values, ability, and aspirations. This becomes the new cultural operating norm for all individuals without regard to class, race, sex, culture, or situation. This gift starts with the materials and knowledge we give.

The knots are the people that live in these communities. They are people in need of help. The Macramé Project helps provide the people in the community with the basic needs for life. These basic needs should be available to everyone. That is our goal.

The end result of the string and the knots is a woven piece of fabric. This fabric is a beautiful piece of art. The Macramé Project aims to create a woven pattern of communities that benefit from programs we provide. We want to create the beautiful piece of art that is life.

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